Refund Policy

No1Content is widely known for its premium services of content writing. Company along with its teams assure that the provided must be offer in according to the expected yet promise criteria. We work at optimum level to serve our customers with the best and effective services. However, just sometimes, difference of opinion and diversity in choices led us to the point where customers often request for the refund. Since, we respect and value the requests of our customers this is why, we make sure to make each one satisfied. Although, we would like our readers to have an eye on some of the terms and conditions on the basis of which customers could demand for the refund policy.

Late delivery; after the promised day or time

However, this never happened as, we always set our priorities accordingly and make sure to fulfill our promise. But, in case, if we ever failed to deliver work on-time due to any uncertainty then you can request for the refund. Although, we always assure to acknowledged our customers beforehand.

Ineffective or poor content

Since, quality is our core thus, we never let anyone compromise on it. But, just in case, if our customer complain about the quality of work then we offer the facility of revisions. You can simply request for the revision and can share the feedback. This is why, if we made it to provide you flawless content after revision then you cannot demand for the refund.

The only circumstances under which you can ask for the refund of money are:

  • If there is 100% plagiarism in the provided content.
  • Even after the revision, if customer doesn’t feel fully satisfied but, if you have posted the content on any commercial site or source then your complaint will not be considered.
  • We suggest customers to prefer unlimited revision policy first as, it help in making mutual decision.
Termination of order request

In case, if you have changed the decision after the placement of order and want to terminate your request then do it within the 24 hours. After the mentioned time, your request of refund will not be considered. Although, you can switch the nature of content with any other type of content. We can compensate you with the replacement of content.

Technical payment issues

If your bank statement notifies you that you have been charged two times for the single order or in case, if you find that the charged amount is more than the mentioned amount then feel free to ask for refund. Make sure you have enough evidences to prove your claim. It might include bank details of receipts.

In case of ‘no’ delivery

However, incident like this never happened. But, just to keep you on safe side, if you find that your product is not delivered at all then first, try to take our customer support team in communication. Still, if two business days pass and you still not get any response then don’t hesitate to ask for refund.

Ethics to claim refund

If you think that you are at verge to claim refund and stand at the deserving position of refund then you may contact to our customer support team, as soon as possible. First, our experts will consider the matter and then your money will be proceed for refund. We strictly forbid customers to involve any third party in the matter.

Chargeback demand

If any of the demand or request for the chargeback then it will not be considered positively. We strictly prohibit such requests. In case of inconvenience or conflict, we suggest our customers to communicate with our customer support team. Our team will assure you to create mutual ground to resolve your issue. If we found that the customer is still making the chargeback demand then he/she will be marked deceitful and will not be able to gain access on our platform. Also, we own authority to take legal action against such fraudsters.

Time limitation of refund policy

The time starts from the minute we promised to deliver till the upcoming three weeks. If you made request after the time limitation then your request will not be considered. Although, in another scenario, once your request is considered you must patiently wait for the 48 hours. Once your request is accepted from our side, your payment will refund within the subsequent 24 hours.

Note that No1Content only accept and consider refund requests on the basis of aforementioned policy. Our department of Quality Assurance acquires right to cast-off any of the refund demand which doesn’t follow the restricted terms and conditions.

*Full refund = 90% of the amount paid. 10% is deducted as service charges and transaction cost to be paid to the Gateway Company

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