Terms of Use

Likewise other professionals firms, we also work under some certain terms and conditions. To avoid any kind of mess and to avail completely satisfied services, consider all of the mentioned terms and conditions before placing your order. If you request for an order then this simply indicates that you are in consent with all of the implied terms and conditions under which we serve and cater. In case, if you have any issue regarding the mentioned condition then feel free to avoid seizing our offerings.

Significant terms
  • Website refers to the No1content.com
  • Company/platform is the medium where we cater the demands and needs of all customers via providing different types of writing services under the specified conditions.
  • Customer this indicates to the individual who use our services which we provide through our platform.
  • Product is said to be the file or the document which we give to the customers through email.
Placement of order
  • Option of online order is particularly used to place the order.
  • When customer makes a payment for the placed order this simply means that it is the property of our customer.
  • You must place order only when you are in agreement with our terms and conditions.
  • Your order will only proceed once your payment is delivered. The writers are not supposed to work on unpaid orders.
  • The delivery of the order will performed via email.
Contact Us

Our customers are free to ask about the progress of their work. You can call or email us any time to know the progress of your work.

Privacy Policy

When it comes to privacy, we eventually get strict with the matter. No1content and its team assure confidentiality of work, identity or any other personal information. For more details check our privacy policy page.

You can:
  • Claim the rights on the provided products.
  • Use delivered products for commercial products.
  • Reference or use our products in ethical and relevant manner.
You cannot:
  • Blame our writers and company for any inconvenience or mess, happened from your end.
  • Claim your rights on our products until you have paid for it.
  • Use our products in any (negative) scenario that could affect someone’s image or reputation.
  • Refund In rare cases, our customers don’t feel satisfied enough so, to make them satisfied through other way we return their money back. Our refund policy is comprehensively defined, visit refund page for further details.
Payment Methods

Your payment could be proceed via following sources:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Online banking

The copyright is given to customer right after the delivery of work. But, in case, if you are demanding for the refund then in this case the copyright will be taken back. It will eventually become the property of No1Content.

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