5 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking

One of the most heard maxim while being familiar with the SEO is “Content is the king”. Let us have a quick look. You have done the perfect market search along with the targeted keywords being infused in your content. Now after publishing it on your site, you just sit back and wait how your engaging content is going to be the game-changer for your website but nothing happens!

After plenty of days and quality content, there still stands a chance of not getting well in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Even after giving your complete input to the content, your website and content may not rank well. This is the high point to get up to the mark and find the faults in the content (obviously not stars). There is a range of reasons which create hurdles to rank well and the content fails to be ranked by the SERPs.

Here we are going to have a look over those 5 most common reasons because of which your content is not picking up by the Search Engines.

  • Concern to the Topics:

While writing the content, the main focus must be on the topic and the research. What are you writing about? Is it worthy enough for a wide range of audience? Is it having a Content Relevancy? Is the content answering correctly for the user’s searched question? These are some of the topic related requirements that the content must be filling up to get in the searcher’s results. The content should be original and authoritative. This creates a brand identity among the audience as well. Do your research beforehand so you can write brilliant content that you yourself would want to read, if you search for a topic online. This is what a good content occupies.

  • Continuous Updates and Targeted Keywords:

If the targeted keywords are fresh and relevancy of the content is found, it will surely go along way ahead bringing a huge traffic to your website. The idea is supported by No.1 content writing services as well, if the content is not being updated on the regular basis then your website may fall quickly out from the rankings of the Search Engines. If there is any competitor in the market and you have not regularly posted new blogs and have not done a significant audit of the web content since months, then it may lead in declining your website ranking. Search Engine keeps an eye on your regular basis produced content which should be optimized and original. Keep searching for the new keywords related to your web content and keep on updating to get it ranked on top.

  • Internal Linking Structure:

Another most important element which plays a vital role in climbing the search results faster is internal linking or inboard links. If your content is not showing up in the search results then the reason is probable; that the crucial part of your SEO strategy is not in order. The internal linking structures boosts the SEO and help Google to analyse the hierarchy of your website. Even if your content is well optimized and amazingly written, if the inboard linking strategy is poor then the chances to get high ranking is very low.

  • Fewer Backlinks:

The backlinks structure is equally important for higher ranks of the website. If the content is awesome and well-optimized, but you are out of the backlinks then there is a chance of not getting well-ranked. There is not any hard and fast rule of keeping every bullet in Yoast SEO green but if the content is poorly back linked then the Google along with other Search Engines won’t ever know that your website and content exist! Reach out to other websites, do a good use of social media, get some PR and link building, and ask the websites to mention your site. Let the Search Engines and Google be known to your brand.

  • A Vast Competition:

If you are not being shown in the Search Results then there can be one of the major possible reasons. The foremost is; the huge competition. This reason is one of the most common due to the vast competition in the marketplace and on the Search Results as well. If your content is well-written and you manage to optimize the blog post via competitive targeted keywords and key phrases as well; which are widely used, this scenario will now create a huge competition and the higher probability is of not getting higher ranks.

These are some of the most common reasons for not getting your content ranked. Take a slow start with not a very competitive niche, take baby steps to make yourself recognized. Keep a key in mind, there is no short cut to be succeeded!