13 Amazing Ways to Write a Unique Article That Drives Traffic

The most frustrating scenario for a blog writer is when they have poured their heart and soul in an article, yet it ends up getting no traffic at all. This can be so discouraging that for some writers their first post might be the last. But things certainly do not have to be this way. We have some incredible tips for all writers, to create and improve traffic on their posts.

1. Choose a topic your audience will care about

Your initial step would be to figure out what your audience would like to read. It is not just about what the writer finds interesting to write about. This is the surest foundation for a traffic driving post, which will eventually help you earn money. Even if you follow all the other steps given here, ignoring this one will cause you to be unsuccessful.

2. Narrow it down

This step is helpful both for finding a good topic for you article and for writing new posts. First ask yourself if the topic you have chosen has been written about before. If yes, then you need to niche it down. Which means narrowing it down to cover angles and subtopics that have not been pointed out before.

3. Include any subtopics

After coming up with a topic and its subtopics, its time to start writing your article. Keep in mind though, that you must cover all the important details to add value to it. The practice of writing a generalized, 400-word post was for by-gone days and is not ideal for generating traffic anymore. The current trend adheres to writing longer and more comprehensive posts that cover all the relevant details.

4. Use keywords strategically

Google has become increasingly efficient in deciphering the content of posts. But precise addition of keywords is still quite necessary. The most strategic locations for keywords are the following:
• The title
• In the headings and subheadings
• Caption and alt image tag of images
• Sprinkled throughout your article

5. Internal linking

Internal linking plays an essential role in driving traffic for your posts. What you simply need to do is include links to your other posts and pages in your blog. For example, if an article about using social media for business is in progress, add links to relevant articles within it. This strategy keeps the audience engaged longer on your site. Along with that you get boosts of the ranks of the linked posts on search engines.

6. Promoting your post

It is not enough to just write and publish your post. Knowing how to promote it is also critical. Post about it on social media, email, social ads and industry groups.

7. Observe your analytics

Your social media and website analytics are the most effective tools for figuring out audience preferences. You can know which previous posts they found interesting through the amount of shares, likes and generated traffic. Your current articles can follow similar lines.

8. Use keyword identifying tools

Keyword research tools such as Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool and Google Keyword Planner are excellent for figuring out what the audience wants. Search for phrases that are popular yet not very much so. Extremely popular topics can be difficult to rank for.

9. Listen to the audience

Sort through comments on your posts, emails and other audience feedback sources to find any questions posed by them. The ones that have popped most frequently will make for good traffic generating posts.

10. Add infographics

Include graphic content like videos and images to your article to makes it more attractive. Most posts that go viral have an emotional video or attractive image attached to it.

11. Make use of a topic generator

To find out what makes other posts rank high, topic generators are the best solution. You merely need to type in your primary keyword and search.

12. Place attractive headlines

Curiosity rising headlines are a major way to make your article stand about. The title should attract the attention of viewers enough to make them click on it. There are even headline templates available online to make your work easier.

13. Reviews can generate ideas

Go through reviews of the audience on services or products that are similar to your own. This helps reveal what matters to people and which are their sensitive points which you can reach to with your writing.
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