List down the things that Could Go Wrong with a Coronavirus Vaccine

With the spread of coronavirus far and wide, the death rate and active cases have also increased tremendously. The virus had originated in the city of Wuhan at the end of December 2019, and since then, it has spread in the whole world like the fire of forest.

– As per the reports of 31st August 2020, 25.1M coronavirus cases and 844K deaths because of the COVID-19 have been reported around the globe.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus as the deadliest pandemic of all time. Scientists, healthcare researchers, and a qualified team of doctors altogether are working for the preparation of the vaccines.

– Vaccine and cure for the coronavirus are in the development process, but coronavirus is constantly spreading!

Healthcare researchers and scientists are working on more than 165 vaccines to find a cure for COVID-19. Currently, around 30 vaccines are under the testing phase that is including the human trial as well.

Although the researchers believe that the early results are promising and can last longer in the treatment of coronavirus, still there are a lot of things that could go wrong with the coronavirus vaccine and scientists fear that as well. Let us have a look;

People might not take the vaccine:

One of the biggest doubts in the preparation of the COVID-19 vaccine is from the people. A survey was conducted in America, showing that almost 50% of the people are not planning to take the vaccine whenever it would be available.

As per the situation of the spreading of the virus, it is very important to get every person vaccinated so he must not get the virus. Getting a complete approval from the higher authorities and recommendations can make the people aware of the importance of getting vaccinated.

Immunity might not last:

Content writing asked in the press release, after having the vaccine, what is the guarantee of having a naturally long-lasting immune system? People are having the doubts of losing their immunity and they believe that injecting the vaccine will make them lose their natural immunity, as the virus has been the deadliest. So, they won’t be able to survive minor diseases like malaria and diarrhea.

Scientists are also doubtful of how the vaccine would turn out for the immune system of humans. The reports were published which showed that people who recovered from coronavirus had very few antibodies and low immune systems. What would be the result if the vaccine would be given to recovered people?

The response of the immunity:

Scientists now also fear the response of the immune system because it varies from person to person and on medical history as well. There would be different responses from every other immune system.

The recent trial of the vaccine is focusing keenly on the response of the immune system. It is revolving around the performance of antibodies in both, the ones who are recovered from the coronavirus and the ones who have not been exposed to coronavirus till now. The human trial is found to be satisfactory but there is no guarantee of how long it would work!

Will the vaccine works or not:

The greatest fear which lies in the development of a vaccine is either it would work or not. There are patients with different medical histories and they have been exposed to other diseases that are not similar to coronavirus. Will this vaccine work for them?

The virus is communicable and dangerous as well with new symptoms varying from person to person and his medical condition. Drug companies including Pfizer and Moderna are also trying to prepare the safest and effective vaccine by using the processes of the past vaccines for pandemics like Spanish flu.

The vaccine may turn out to be 50% effective:

Another thing which can be wrong is that the vaccine may turn out only 50% effective. Scientists also doubt that it possibly may not work as a complete barrier from the virus. The vaccines are feared to work promisingly only in the beginning.

The outcomes of the vaccine are still unknown and anything can go wrong with a coronavirus vaccine. The list of doubts for the vaccine revolves around the immune system and immunity development.

Would the vaccine be safe?

The vaccine would be given to a massive number of people who would be already healthy, so there is a higher responsibility for making a safe vaccine. It is also being focused that the vaccine must be keenly tested and should be launched after several successful human trials.

The healthcare researchers and scientists are hustling to prepare a vaccine which must not leave any side effects on healthy human beings. People are waiting desperately for the vaccine of the virus so it can come to an end.

Coronavirus seems to stop the whole world at a single point. The world economy has met the ground and every government is trying its best to keep the people safe. We must trust the advancement in the field of medical and health that they will produce a healthy medical solution as a cure and a vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus. Till then we should follow the rules of public health and must practice social distancing!